32nd Merano WineFestival – Excellence is an attitude!

Pubblicato il 29 September 2023

The next edition of the Merano WineFestival – which will take place from 3rd to 7th November at the Kurhaus in Merano – is now upon us. As always, Arco Spedizioni S.p.A. continues to be the Official Technical Partner of the event: the wine salon in Europe since 1992.

Merano WineFestival pursues its goal of exalting the excellence of the national and international wine and food sector, always casting a glance towards the future…

The event that brings together producers, visitors, press and trade operators from all over the world, in an eventful culmination of novelties, history, dialogues and beauty.

Unique in its elegance, it is the signature event for the food and wine industry.

Arco Spedizioni, with over 120 branches in Italy, has an infinite passion for the world of wine: more than 1.500 customers in the wine sector, for the movement of 1 million shipments of wine products during 2022, for a total of 12 million packages and 69 million bottles.

“The world of wines is very particular: it’s essential to know how to listen to the different needs of all the players involved in the supply chain and to be able to offer customer and diversified services – says Boris Borgato, Marketing and Communication Manager of the company – every day we meet both Italian and European wineries of different sizes and production capacities, as well as national and international importers and distributors.”