Fuel Surcharge

Fuel surcharge is an automatic increase applied to the sole items related to transport (freight + forwarding). It is calculated on the variation of fuel price with respect to a reference base price fixed at the time of the Transport Agreement signing. Each month the reference base price, given officially by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development (, is going to be compared with the average fuel price for the current month, in order to highlight any variation and therefore to apply a percentage increase on the current tariff.

Arco Spedizioni in going to cover 60% of the possible increase of fuel price for the month and is going to charge to its Customers only with 40% of the increase on the reference month invoice. We publish below the table of monthly average diesel prices.

Year 2023
January1.890 €/lt
Year 2022
December1.770 €/lt
November1.820 €/lt
October1.865 €/lt
September1.798 €/lt
August1.800 €/lt
July1.920 €/lt
June1.999 €/lt
May1.825 €/lt
April1.800 €/lt
March1.991 €/lt
February1.715 €/lt
January1.624 €/lt
Year 2021
December1.586 €/lt
November1.611 €/lt
October1.592 €/lt
September1.513 €/lt
August1.506 €/lt
July1.506 €/lt
June1.470 €/lt
May1.447 €/lt
April1.436 €/lt
March1.430 €/lt
February1.368 €/lt
January1.332 €/lt
Year 2020
December1.297 €/lt
November1.270 €/lt
October1.260 €/lt
September1.272 €/lt
August1.285 €/lt
July1.289 €/lt
June1269 €/lt
May1.256 €/lt
April1.309 €/lt
March1.390 €/lt
February1.450 €/lt
January1.488 €/lt
Year 2019
December1.475 €/lt
November1.470 €/lt
October1.472 €/lt
September1.468 €/lt
August1.465 €/lt
July1.483 €/lt
June1.494 €/lt
May1.520 €/lt
April1.506 €/lt
March1.493 €/lt
February1.460 €/lt
January1.433 €/lt
Year 2018
December1.479 €/lt
November1.547 €/lt
October1.555 €/lt
September1.522 €/lt
August1.506 €/lt
July1.509 €/lt
June1.525 €/lt
May1.494 €/lt
April1.438 €/lt
March1.422 €/lt
February1.434 €/lt
January1.440 €/lt