From transport management
to storage,
a full service.

Arco Spedizioni can offer
services meant to satisfy
all needs of the customer.

Integrated logistic.

Thanks to our logistic division, Arco Spedizioni has specialized in the handling of supply chain for our customers with the integration of transport services and storage management. Arco Spedizioni and Arco Logistica together represent the strength of an optimized, integrated service. In the last ten years, we have managed to join our experience as national and international forwarder to the specialization in logistics thus offering a full, efficient service that minimizes the time of preparation, delivery and routing of goods.

Our customers send their inquiries to a unique contact able to handle: good collection, storage, pick&pack, shipment preparation, forwarding and delivery. This is doable thanks to our logistic and distribution network with more than 120 direct operating points and thanks to a wide fleet of road trains and dedicated vehicles for local deliveries.

Our services guarantee the possibility to outsource the entire logistic and distribution chain, thus freeing up costs due to facility and personnel and avoiding any issue linked to warehouse management. Our logistic centers have fiscal licenses for handling taxes thus freeing up our customers from any responsibility towards the revenue agency and the customs. Through Arco Logistica, in some of our warehouses in Italy, we can manage storage services and goods handling respecting all the regulatory parameters foreseen by the law called “Direttiva Seveso III” - D. Lgs. 105/2015.

Other activities.

Additional activities offered by Arco Spedizioni to our customers are: data control and data entry, containerization, fulfillment, packing, pallet management, return management, production lot and expiration date management, product palletizing, kitting, bundles, shrink-wrapping, labelling. Moreover we offer tracking number service on customer's customized delivery note, FIFO method, LIFO method, FEFO method, item traceability, sample selection and checks or matrix control or serial check with EAN 13 and EAN 14, deadlines controls, periodical inventories, goods cleaning, cross docking (unloading directly on the dock), RFQ (quotation request) for professional consultancy.

Arco Spedizioni

IT System.

Arco Spedizioni invests every year in the development of WMS (Warehouse Management System) meant for the management of warehouses and goods. An internal team is devoted to the data exchange with FTP records, customized links with the main operating systems. Through a unique web tracking, customers can check every step of their products such as collection, storage, availability in real time, status of the order, status of the transport, delivery, and proof of delivery on line.

Finished Goods Management.

Collection of finished goods from production sites all over the Italian and European territory, storage in proper sites with accounting and physical availability of the goods within 4 working hours after arrival, picking and packaging, preparation and shipping within the same day of the order or the day after at the latest on the basis of pre-agreed cut-off, issuing of delivery notes.

Raw Material – semi-finished products Management.

Collection of raw material or semi-finished products in Italy and in Europe. Storage in proper sites with accounting and physical availability of the goods within 4 working hours after arrival and service just in time with replenishment of production sites upon customer request, Kanban management.