Transport of
dangerous goods: we have
been amongst the first ones in Italy.

Since 1997, our Dangerous Goods Distribution Department
has been a key asset in Arco Spedizioni.
Thanks to our expertise and
specialization, we are the main
national operators in this field.

Dangerous goods.

We carry out national and international road and multimodal transport of dangerous goods, in packages, belonging to all danger classes with the exception of class 1 (explosives) but not for goods classified 1.4S, class 6.2 (infectious materials) and class 7 (radioactive materials).

The transport of dangerous goods is carried out by specially equipped vehicles and drivers with an ADR license.

The operators of our supply chain are trained, instructed and constantly updated on the correct management of dangerous goods in compliance with the provisions of current national and international regulations (ADR 2023).

Our ADR Office, entirely dedicated to the management of dangerous goods, check the compliance of the shipments by verifying the correctness of the classification, the suitability of the packaging, the labeling of the packages, the marking of the packages, the compliance of the overpacks, compliance with the prohibitions of common loading, the segregation rules and the correctness of the documentation.

In order to keep our standards of professionalism and competence high, we actively collaborate with industry associations and specific representatives of producers and transporters of chemical products. In fact, we are associated with Aispec – the National Association of fine chemical companies and specialist sectors – and with S.E.T. Transport Emergency Service of Federchimica, to promote the sustainable development of the chemical production and distribution chain.

Free training and refresher courses about ADR transportation

Contents of the course

We pay particular attention to the continuous changes of regulations and we organize periodically free training and refresher courses about ADR transportation for our customers in order to share and spread the proper shipping practice for road and sea transportation in complete safeness and punctuality.

The course aims to provide as complete a picture as possible of the requirements dictated by the Road Transport Regulations, the ADR Transport Document and on the preparation of packages and overpacks.

On the occasion of the biennial update of the ADR Agreement, the innovations introduced by ADR 2023, voluntarily in force from 1 January 2023 and mandatory from 1 July 2023, will be examined in depth.

Who is this addressed to?

The course is addressed to all the companies that ship goods subjected to the ADR Regulation. The recipients are administrators, logistics managers, commercial officials, operational managers and all people involved in the transfer of dangerous goods who want to expand their knowledge in order to manage the shipment of dangerous goods in a more effective and safe way.